Brochure type website



Do you know what is a "brochure type website design"?

To save the customers' time,
these simplest kinds of sites are made.

Suited For:

Companies which don't do updating (products, services and images) frequently, i.e. static sites.

This website comprises of a collection of web pages that are manually connected. Minimal scripting and HTML coding are used for this site. The hypertext or HTML files are then stored on a server, as per the client's requirements. If any changes are made later, the hypertext files are required to be changed, saved and uploaded again to your server.

When you should choose a brochure website

Brochure type website is effective when its only purpose is to act as a display platform for your products or services. This kind of website is idyllic for small organizations, beginners and businesses that have a less diversity of products and services. So if you don't need regular updates for your website, this is the best option for you!

Advantages of brochure type website design

  • cost effective, especially for small companies or companies that need a corporate brochure for their products or services
  • browser-friendly
  • search-engine-friendly
  • easy to navigate
  • ideal for downloading images or information even on lower bandwidths.

Getting dynamic attention with brochure type website design

Did you think that if your site is static, so it has to be dull?

If you believed the above statement, we can prove you wrong!

Just because your website is static, it doesn't have to be dull and lifeless. We have one of the most creative design team that can deliver stunning websites which catches the attention and keep your visitors clicking on your links. For us every website is a blank new canvas and our designing team with their creativity makes it vibrant and spectacular.